A Van For Joanne – Help a paralyzed woman return home.

I will be completely honest. Joanne is my wife. That said, this is completely factual.  If you have been following along in my life, Joanne’s health has not been great for years. However, this year has been devastating. You can read more by clicking on her image, but I will provide you with a quick summary… In February she had a number of strokes, but was recovering well; the cause was unknown. In April, she had “too numerous to count” strokes and we discovered that she has a rare autoimmune disease. The doctors told me that she would never recover. In May we were expecting to go to a funeral. However, Joanne did not die, but she was unconscious for months. She has slowly been getting better. First I could get her to chew some ice. One day she had her eyes open. A few weeks later she began to talk. She is still paralyzed, but there has been a slight movement in one elbow the other day. It takes her brain a while to process what she has heard. Thankfully she has been able to come off quite a bit of pain medicine, but she is still on a bunch. Right now she is living in a nursing home & I go and spend a few hours with her every day. She wants to come home, and I’m trying to get that accomplished. However, she is going to need a van that has rear wheelchair access since her knees will not bend. Frankly, we don’t have the money to buy a van. So this is my plea, please help Joanne get her van; help my wife to come home. On her web page, Van For Joanne, you can find her story and pictures of her progress in the nursing home. I did not take any pictures of her when she was unconscious or suffering. We have been extremely blessed by those generous enough to send a few bucks. My company, Pariahware, is covering all of the PayPal fees & Pledgie fees. To convert a van to have wheelchair access starts around $14,000, that does not include the van. The van will be used. I encourage you to read her story and see if you are led to donate. Whether it is $5 or $100, it all helps. Thank you.

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