Biblicious Bible Trivia for Mac OS X

After nearly a year and a half of after-hours working, working when I didn’t have client work, and shelving it for awhile… Biblicious for Mac is finally finished. Here is a small confession… Biblicious Bible Trivia was originally destined to be a desktop application. I had started designing the game and had made the database editor. Then the iPhone SDK came out and I knew it would be a great game for that platform. When the iPad was announced, I began working on the iPad version. But, something was always missing… the desktop version.

Biblicious Bible Trivia for Mac OS X plays almost exactly like the iOS version. The main differences are that there is no opening dialog explaining game play, and there is currently no multi-player capability. I spent a lot, and I mean A LOT of time coding the multi-player functionality and no one ever played it. Probably because there were not enough people playing at the same time.

There are actually two versions of Biblicious Bible Trivia for Mac OS X. There is the Mac App Store version, and the non-Mac App Store version. So what’s the difference? The Mac App Store version is tied to Apple’s GameCenter for high score storage. The non-Mac App Store version does not save the high scores anywhere. Back before Game Center, I was saving high scores to my own server, but it confused people. They assumed their score was in the top X of scores and get upset. I didn’t want to deal with that again.