Interesting Happenings

After my last post, it has been interesting to see what has transpired in the world of REALbasic.  REAL Software has updated their web site and is now selling third party products, ours included.  That is cool.  However, there are still grumblings about REAL Software’s business decisions, as can be read over at BKeeneyBriefs.  As a company, REAL Software needs to do what it thinks it needs to do.  It appears that many people do not agree with REAL Software’s decision to create a SQL server based upon SQLite.  I am mostly indiffernt in that I can see both sides…  as a developer using REALbasic, I want the best tool I can have and creating another product takes away from this.  However, one should never put all of their eggs in one basket.

At Pariahware I’ve done the same thing.  Starting yesterday, we now offer iPhone development via Apple’s XCode.  I had hoped that REAL Software would come up with a way to compile applications for the iPhone, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t want that train to leave.  Since we’re no longer solely a REALbasic shop, I’ve had to spend some time updating the web site.  The changes are subtle, so visitors may not even notice.  However, search engines should notice the change.  Pariahware is also now on Twitter, so following updates may be easier.

And finally, our Bible trivia game for the iPhone is in beta testing.  This is something that has been worked on for years, first starting out as a desktop application.  More details can be found at the page for the game.