Porting my app Biblicious from iOS to OS X, Part 4

In July I didn’t have much time to work on Biblicious as I had client work to get done. With that big project out of the way, I was able to work on Biblicious the first week of August and finish up  the game for OS X. Some things needed to be redesigned for the different platform. I decided to use WebViews on the screen with a “close” button in the corner since there isn’t really a way to push views onto the stack with a navigation controller. If a player gets the question wrong & chooses the “Show Me” button, a WebView covers the screen. After the user closes the WebView, the game continues. I did the same thing on the main menu screen. Instead of shelling out to Safari, a WebView appears. I also added GameCenter integration for  score board (Manna Leaderboard).

Another thing better on the iOS version is the SocialNetworking sharing feature. In iOS, you can find out which services the user is logged into via the device & pop up an appropriate share dialog. Under OS X, that is entirely taken out of the programmer’s hands. All you can do is pop up a menu that is supposed to be displayed after the user presses a button (on mouse down, not mouse up). The menu contains all networks the OS is logged into (possibly more) along with e-mail & messaging options. After the user chooses the network, the proper dialog appears. What I had to do was to make a global variable that holds the last played score, and provide a sharing button on the main menu. Not the best UX, but the best I could think of under the circumstances.


On August 1st I submitted Biblicious for Mac v1.0 to the App Store for review. On August 6th, it was rejected due to a “crash” when the Print option was chosen from the File menu. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about the menus all this time. And, when I tested it & chose the Print option, the app did not crash, but I did get a permissions dialog most likely due to the lack of proper entitlement. Why would someone want to print from the game anyway? So, I ripped out all the menus except the File->Close & Biblicious->Quit and resubmitted.