REALbasic and the iPhone

I frequently hear about people wanting to program in REALbasic for the iPhone. I am sorry people, but that is simply not going to happen anytime soon.

1. REAL Software let go both of their compiler programmers, and as far as we know there is no Arm switch for the REALbasic compiler. (Arm is the iPhone’s current processor.)

2. Apple controls the gateway for apps compiled on the phone. I see no way for REAL Software to get around this… from the iPhone simulator, to the complicated certificate & provisioning routines, as well as hooking into Apple’s remote debugger.

3. And most importantly, memory. Every app compiled with REALbasic has to bundle its runtime library. This library bulks up the application and takes more memory. Any iPhone prior to the 3GS has only 128MB of memory (minus 11MB or so for integrated graphics) in a world where we are used to having 2GB or more. Even the storage footprint comes into play.

In short, make the jump to XCode and learn to program for the iPhone in Objective-C.