The iPad is here

I ordered my iPad the morning it was available.  Actually, 20 minutes after it was available.  I thought it would be a neat device to have, but mainly I bought it for development purposes.  One just can’t be certain an app will work unless it is being tested on a real device. As iPad day approached, I was getting more excited.  With the excitement was concern, because the UPS tracking said that my iPad was still in China until Friday. Not to worry, as promised, my iPad arrived on Saturday.  And the more I use it, the more I like it! This little device is great! It is much much faster than my iPhone 3G, and the screen is really bright!  After using the iPad for awhile, the iPhone actually feels too small.  I hope Apple has some plans for the iPhone because having using the iPad, the phone just doesn’t seem quite as cool anymore.

One thing that I am really proud about, is that I worked hard to get Biblicious ready for the iPad.  After a couple of bounce backs from Apple due to a couple of bugs, one that could only be found on the device, and not the simulator, Biblicious was approved as a universal app that runs on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad.  As an added bonus, Biblicious, was the first (and currently only) iPad-ready Bible trivia game in the App Store.  As a developer, I understand making money from selling apps, but I don’t like the idea of charging customers twice, once for each platform. I may re-address my opinion in another post, if necessary.

In case you are unaware, Biblicious is a Bible trivia app that puts the player in a game show setting, with your host Flip Ant.  Even if you aren’t interested in a Bible trivia game, you need to watch one of the demo videos and listen to the host’s voice.  It’s perfect!