Experience Counts: Pariahware has been offering consulting services since 2004 and has experience using these "Core" Apple technologies...

Game Center

Grand Central Dispatch
In-App Purchase
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Sprite Kit
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Mobile is the future of computing, and iOS is the #1 money-making mobile platform. Using Apple's Xcode, we will make your app a reality.

With years of experience developing for iOS behind us, we'll do what we can to get your app in the App Store.
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While cross-platform is very convenient, nothing beats Apple's own design tools for a full-on native experience with OS X.

With years of experience developing in Xcode behind us, we'll do what we can to get your OS X app into the Mac App Store.
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Xojo (formerly Real Studio)

If you need your app done quickly, or would like to have your application run on Windows, OS X, and Linux from a single code base, Xojo is the way to go. It creates native compiled code for each desktop operating system. No Java runtime & no other virtual machines required.
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