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Search Yelp while you drive
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We Make Apps For You

Don't have the time or skills necessary to do it yourself?  Let our expert developers help you!
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Biblicious for Mac

Biblicious is our fun, 5-star-rated Bible trivia application for iOS now available for OS X!
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Biblicious for iOS

Biblicious is our fun, 5-star-rated Bible trivia application for iOS. Play alone or against 3 opponents anywhere in the world!
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DBMan SQLite

SQLite database viewer & query utility. Import databases via Dropbox or iTunes. Export databases via iTunes.
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ChimeX for iOS 7

ChimeX is a background app that allows you to have your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch chime Westminster chimes each quarter hour... Even when you're not using it.
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ChimeX for OS X

ChimeX is a menu bar application that allows you to have your computer chime Westminster chimes each quarter hour.
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Dictionary Editor

Easily edit your OS X dictionary.
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Doc Merge

Doc Merge provides the quickest and easiest method for merging Microsoft Word Documents.
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File Stitcher

Don't re-encode your MP3s, File Stitch them together!
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Shoo Apps

Keep your workspace uncluttered.
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Pariahware, Inc. is a mobile & desktop development firm providing iOS, OS X, and Windows app development services to large brands, small businesses, and agencies worldwide.
Pariahware, Inc. has developed apps for clients like BMS/Chace, Copyblogger Media, the International Anti-Corruption Resource Center, and @InternationalServices. We would love to help build your next app. Contact us for a quote the next business day.
Pariahware, Inc. is reliable, dependable, and always delivers against deadlines. They are also sincerely dedicated to their job, which is hard to find these days in the developer community. I would absolutely recommend using Pariahware, Inc. for any project. They have a broad range of capabilities.
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