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Experience Counts: Pariahware has been offering consulting services since 2004 and has experience using these "Core" Apple technologies...
Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Image, Core Location, Core Motion, Game Center, Grand Central Dispatch, iAd, In-App Purchase, Map Kit, Push Notifications, Sprite Kit, Store Kit
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With Apple in control of nearly 50% of the mobile marketplace in the United States, developing an app for Apple’s® iOS ensures access to the tech giant’s over 85 million loyal users. iPad™ and iPhone™ are equipped with stunning retina displays for gorgeous user interfaces and a leading-edge operating system for engaging, interactive applications. Our iOS developers have extensive experience developing custom applications for Apple devices for clients of all industries, sizes and business goals.

The Right App for Your Business

Working with entrepreneurs and innovative companies is our specialty. We are involved in every aspect of your mobile project, giving us the capacity to find creative, technically advanced solutions that set our clients apart from the competition. We have found that everything is possible, and we thrive on the opportunity to work on even the most complex mobile projects.

Complete Solution Providers

After our mobile development team finishes producing your high-quality iOS app, Pariahware has an on-site Support and Maintenance team to monitor key business metrics and security to ensure your application is always running at optimal performance levels.

Apple App Review Guidelines

With years of experience following the iOS SDK guidelines, we are equipped to streamline the App Store submission process as much as possible. This includes app ratings, privacy and other important guidelines defined by Apple. As new iOS updates and versions are released, we will work to ensure your application stays ahead of the competition and look for ways to leverage any new functionality that Apple has to offer.

To learn more about our Apple mobility solutions, view a subset of our client work below.

A List of Some of Our Trusted Clients…

American Bible Society

Apogee Development

Music Archiving

Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails
Veterinarian Office Management

Copyblogger Media

Directors Advantage
Memorial Tribute Videos

DMG, Inc.
Page Layout

Donna Fontenot
Customer Relations Application

Fuel Five Media

International Anti-Corruption Resource Center
Detection Algorithms

International Services
Speech to text detection algorithms.


Jay Jennings
Application Prototyping

Kiwi Enterprises
System Log Management

Stage Lighting Control Software

Lars Jensen

Makayama Interactive
Audio Processing

MicroSolved, Inc.

NextUp Technologies, LLC.
Text to speech

Internal Time Tracking Software

The Stretching Institute
Stretching Plans

Top Step Design

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